Saturday, October 24, 2015

Various food Tapioca which Seductive

Starch or tapioca starch has become a staple to make baerbagai kinds of dishes. Flour known by the Sundanese aci flour is a food that is increasingly popular. Here is a delicious food made from flour.

1. Cireng. This is an abbreviation of aci fried. Food is processed using aci flour mixed with salt and water, and a little flour meizina. Cireng a typical snack Bandung which has now spread almost in order to each area. There are two innovations that we can cireng nikamati, using spices and seasonings kecang salad. In addition, cireng has several fields such as the contents of cheese, sausage, chicken, beef, and meatballs.

2. Cimol. Cimol also an abbreviation of aci digemol. Which means aci made round and pressed slowly. Once the material is formed and then fried until cooked. Mnggunakan Cimol usually eaten with peanut sauce or with a variant of dried herbs. As a rule such as barbeque seasoning, spicy, and cheese.

3. cilok. It is a food of flour aci the most popular. Cilok itself stands aci plug. Material from aci flour base is formed roundly then steamed and given Isia in it. There are several fields such as sausages, meatballs, telut, meat, and beans. Cilok presented using peanut sauce or tomato sauce.

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