Saturday, October 24, 2015

Dangers of Cigarette Smoke On Pregnant Women and Infants in Gynecology

The conditions pregnant women are often exposed to smoke without actually realizing it has a bad effect on the health of pregnant women and babies in the womb. Many pregnant women who do not smoke often be affected by passive smoking or inhaling smoke from the usual surroundings. Did you know that there are toxins in roko can cause serious problems tehadap fetal your bladder? The content of tobacco in the cigarette may be the main cause of the cause of leukemia or other cancers. For more details, here is the danger of cigarette Asapa Aibu pad pregnant and the baby in the womb!

Trigger premature birth
The first danger is that it can lead to a premature birth. When the baby is born prematurely will make the baby's weight is lower than the size of the baby in general. This is because the toxins in cigarettes can inhibit the absorption of nutrition for infants.

Slow the growth of the fetal lungs
Next is able to slow the growth of the fetal lungs. Not only that, cigarette smoke also can increase the baby is exposed pnemuonia reskio, ear infections and bronchitis exposed.

Trigger asthma
Currently stunted lung growth. Obviously this will make the fetus difficulty in breathing. If this continues to happen then it would trigger a more serious disease which is asthma.
Now that some of the dangers of cigarette smoke for pregnant women and fetuses.

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