Sunday, October 18, 2015

How to whiten face with Air Rice

Did you water the rice has excellent benefits to maintain skin health? for someone who is unaware of the benefits of rice water course, he would throw it away. rice water has been proven to be very effective for facial menecerahkan naturally. This method was already used and known since ancient times to take care of their facial skin. Surely you're wondering how to use it? Well for those of you who want to have a face that is white and clean, here's how to whiten the face with rice water that you can try.

• First soak the rice first and then stir until the water becomes outih like milk. after which separate the water with the rice and let stand the rice washing water during the night until there are deposits.

• The next day, use rice water precipitate as a natural face mask. other than in the morning, also use the sediment at night before going to bed on a regular basis to obtain maximum results.

• When finished rub it on your face, leave the mask to dry hinga, approximately 30 minutes. Then wash your face with water without soap to clean.

• Use a mask of rice water on a regular basis, at least for a week. Regular use will give depth to your skin looks whiter and cleaner.

Such a review on how to whiten the face with rice water.

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