Friday, October 16, 2015

Reasons People Like to Drink Green Tea China

For the people of China, green tea is a healthy drink that must be taken. Green tea is believed to cure all diseases because it is rich in polyphenols, micronutrients, vitamins, nutrients and bioactive substances. As a beverage, green tea has become a modern communities to take medicine. Diseases that green tea is often treated pans in, treat colds, antiradiasi, and is believed to extend life.

In addition, green tea also able to overcome the cholesterol and fat in the body, free radicals, and is able to kill bacteria and the influenza virus. For dental health, green tea can prevent bad breath, tooth decay, and whiten teeth.

Green tea is also one type of tea that is not through the process fermentai in its processing. So that green tea still contains all of the active ingredient contained in tea leaves. Because it is not through a fermentation process many useful substances bagu health.

Each gram of green tea contains 73-252 mg of zinc, whereas each gram of black tea only 32 grams. To cope with blood pressure, green tea is also superior to black tea. The combination of bamboo leaves and green tea is believed dapay provide thermal relief function, lowers blood pressure, and increase immunity.

You need to be careful to choose the combination of ingredients of the product. Pay attention to the rules of use and legality of the product as an official certificate from the Agency Pom.

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