Friday, October 23, 2015

Symptoms and Causes of Kidney Function Decline

Kidney function that is essential for human life. Kidney itself can be interpreted as a filter in the human body. The filter serves to eliminate the waste and excess fluid from the blood. Not only that the kidney is also beneficial for building strong bones and keep the blood healthy. Seeing the importance of kidney orgn for human life. But now a lot of cases that now that kidney failure often occurs. So what are the causes and symptoms. The explanation is as follows!

Symptoms and Causes of decline in kidney function

Conditions that can cause kidney failure is caused by diabetes and high blood pressure. Diabetes or excess sugar in the blood can m, enjadi a toxic to the kidneys and kidney damage from time to time. It can also be caused by complications such as high blood anemia, damage to the nervous system and many others.

The symptoms of kidney function decline is the face looks very pale, decreased appetite drastically, swelling of the feet and hands, often feel a cramping and other general symptoms such as fever, cough, nausea, vomiting.

Now that's a little explanation about the symptoms and the causes of decline in kidney function that you can know. Hopefully this article can be useful.

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